The cleaning centre is the most important space on the whole property! Small details make it work great, but just as well little mistakes can make the space very inconvenient. An amazing property needs quality maintenance facilities. Here are some tips to support your facility design:

  • if possible, separate clean and dirty sides from each other

  • a central vacuum system enables dust-free cleaning of the space – also for machine maintenance

  • a sufficient area in relation to the property to be maintained

  • sufficient ventilation

  • gradient falls in wet area floors – flat surfaces under machines

  • no open sewers

  • plumbing should be designed in such a way that there are no surface pipes to the sewers

  • sufficient three-phase sockets/safety switches for machines (at least 4)

  • a large enough grid for the sand separation well – minimum 100 x 150

  • no wall-mounted electric heaters

  • easily cleanable floors, walls and counter-tops

  • a water access point + a retractable hose for equipment and machinery cleaning

  • a maintenance point for gloves – washing, drying and disinfecting hands

  • a rack for personal protective equipment (face masks)

  • proper machining – the arrangement also matters

  • automatic dosing systems for washing machines – wall mounting

  • tumble-dryers with heat pump technology

  • front-draining lint basins for washing machines – only mop machines for the cleaning centre

  • no fixed cabinets for normal conditions, but durable open shelves – try to use wall surfaces

  • space under the shelves for machines and cleaning trolleys

  • charging points for battery operated machines

  • vacuum cleaners and other small machines preferably off the floor – makes the floor easy to clean

  • enough mounted racks in the right places

  • drying shelves for hand-washable products

  • enough transparent storage boxes with lids for cleaning textiles and accessories.

A Standard cleaning centre – machining

  • 1 mop pre-cleaning machine

  • at least 2 mop machines

  • 1-2 dryers depending on the size – textiles must also be dried sorted.

The Cleaning center is not a paper storage

  • There must be a separate room for storing hand towels and toilet paper in the vicinity of the cleaning centre.

  • Other cleaning premises on the property can serve as replenishment points.

Handling cleaning textiles

  • Preferably closed, plastic, wheeled cleaning laundry trolleys and adequate space / storage space for these.

  • Transparent plastic boxes with lids for storing cleaning textiles and enough shelf space for these.