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Consulting in the cleaning industry is a service we provide to the management of companies in the field. Business management consulting helps to see deeper than the surface how to best organise the cleaning services of your own company. Competitive procurement alone is not enough to guarantee success; it requires much more. This is where our consulting service helps you thoroughly. With us, you know what you are buying.

Online training as a new service

From us, you get new types of online training for cleaning staff and supervisors. The online training is free for machine buyers and includes installation and operation training. Training can also be ordered from us for educational purposes. Online training is a cost-effective way to train staff. The right questions help to ensure the accumulation of knowledge.


E-learning is a form of education that is independent of time and place and is suitable for distance learning. It is also suitable for educational institutions in the field to support teaching.

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Objectives of our consulting

  • to demonstrate by calculations how high the costs of cleaning textile maintenance are if the logistics are not in order
  • to guide you through the secrets of the work management application and assists in its implementation and possibly monitoring as well.
  • to help to rationalise cleaning textile maintenance as well as machine purchases
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