Machines and services for effective pre-cleaning of cleaning textiles

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  • Dust is always harmful to workers in the industry.
  • Enclosed mechanical pre-cleaning ensures a clean cleaning textile. It enhances the cleaning ability of the machines and keeps the machines functional.
  • The antimicrobial properties of the machine prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.
  • The best assistant for cleaning staff – ESSI 20 PRECLEANER ™ el AMI.
  • Only enclosed mechanical pre-cleaning of cleaning textiles guarantees a cleaner working environment for professionals and all property users.
  • Only with really clean cleaning textiles can all surfaces of the property be cleaned.
  • Proper machining of the cleaning centre and professional staff guarantee the safe use of the property.

Health is important to us all!


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Top Finnish machines for the needs of companies and the public sector.

We are already a trustworthy partner for many companies and public administration operators whose cleaning centers need mechanical power and a high-quality end result. We are a pioneer and active developer in the field, offering pre-cleaning machines as well as services not provided by other professionals in the field.

Our customer locations include major service industry operators, various schools, kindergartens, senior homes, hospitals, health centres and other public administration and industrial sites. We serve architectural and design offices as well as national and private construction companies. We are happy to supply pre-cleaning machines for cleaning textiles and other services for your needs as well!

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Our products and services

  • ESSI 20 PreCleaner electronic pre-cleaning machine
  • large and small laundry trolleys
  • consulting services for the cleaning industry
  • machine maintenance service
  • brand new online training.

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